Just like any skill that can be learned, often times we will inevitably hit a learning plateau. Something just stops us from progressing to the next level. Our brain gets locked and comfortable with sending its usual signals to achieve the same result. Sometimes all it takes is one small jolt, one new way to think of things, or a different frame of reference to keep progressing.

When it comes to sketching, it’s very easy to be overly comfortable with the level you are at. It already looks alright why should I get any better? Or perhaps you know your…

Welcome back for Part II! If you’ve missed the first post you can check out Part I here.

When it comes to effective designing at home there are many great options ranging from tech heavy tools to simple house-hold items. In today’s second installment in the series I’ll be introducing another set of tools that will help bring your designing to the next level.

Knowing Your Distance

During this pandemic it’s been critical for us to maintain our distance from objects and people. Most of us don’t have a very good eye when it comes to estimating distances so a measuring tape can…

As a designer who loves to work in a team studio environment, working from home can be challenging. I’ve grown too attached to my office’s high windows with strong natural lighting, the material libraries that line our walls, and the productive project murmurs in the background.

Designers like to surround themselves with things and people as sources of inspiration to achieve that sweet spot of focus where the passing of time no longer exists. I am no exception. …

We rely on our connectedness to survive more than we had hoped

All the services we rely on that connect to our phones

On the surface, one might think that it is up to us to choose who we give our information to and what services and devices we connect with. When taking a deeper dive to observe the interconnectedness of the many services we use from just one device (a phone in this case), it becomes more evident that we rely more on our connectedness than we would hope.

It is Necessary

When it comes to providing our personal data or information in exchange for a service, we are often…

Mapping the links between information privacy and our daily lives.

The ecosystem in which our personal data is shared exists between Users, Government, and Corporations. What connects us together are all the devices and services we use created and distributed from the main three human action points (Users, Government, and Corporations). And what allows our devices and services to communicate (and thus share our personal data) are the various different signal communication streams such as internet routers, satellites, and cell towers.

Mapping out the links between all of these factors, we can begin to understand the flow of information and…

Assembling my initial thoughts

Information privacy, or data privacy (or data protection), is the relationship between collection and dissemination of data, technology, the public expectation of privacy, and the legal and political issues surrounding them.

As depicted above there are cases where our online data is stolen, miss used, and vulnerable, but the talk around information privacy is more than just how to protect our data from leaks or attacks. It’s about solidifying the boundaries between our ownership and right to decide what we do with our online data.

Currently society is in an interesting state where we are so…

Thesis [ˈTHēsis] -
A statement or theory that is put forward as a premise to be maintained or proved.

The past month of exploration, reflection, and introspection on who I am as a human being and designer has been to culminate my thoughts into a cohesive thesis statement. An argument that grounds my decisions and directions within the world around me. Here is a recap on a few words that describe my design ethos:




Communication/ expression

Specifically, I discovered that my interests lie within areas that are overly stagnant when all evidence points to change yet there…

When all the parts come together, people can achieve amazing things.

As I continue on my journey to discover who I am as a human being from the perspective of a designer, it’s important to continuously ask myself why. Why does this drive me? Why should this exist? Why does this matter to me?

If I can truly answer these questions, it will bring me one step closer to finding purpose and being happy as I apply my knowledge and passions in the work force.

Even as a young boy I would ask why so much that I would often be met back with cold stares. During a movie, while I…

What is my theme as a designer? What kinds of problems actually drive me?

After much thought and discussion I may finally understand that my biggest weakness as a designer, being overly accepting and my less than critical views on most things, could in fact be my strength. The fact that my concerns with technology and society are so macro that it could drive me into a majestic wall has began to frighten me in a good way. As I continue to wander my surroundings I cannot help but see through


Areas that are overly stagnant when…

What dimensions of design light my fire? What is the shape of design to me? What do I care about? What is the higher calling for design? Where do my concerns intersect with the role that design can play?

In the brief life that I have already lived as a designer, I have noticed that designers (at least the ones I surround myself with) love to talk in high level. …

Albert Topdjian

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